[New Update]World Raid Boss Battle

This is [Hero Cantare] CM Liddie!

The fallen angel Michael set out to defeat you.
We wish you to save Tetra by defeating Fallen Angel Michael and his legions.

World Raid Boss Battle


What has changed?


Michael felt rage at the inability of his servants. Now, he will confront you to show his power. Defeat him quickly before he gets stronger.

  • Summary

  • The changed battle process with the Boss, Fallen Angel Michael.

  • New World Raid Shop and items.

  • You can get a SS Hero: Fallen Angel Michael by an exchange with World Raid Coins.

※ As Michael participates in the battle, you must clear the Single Play[Hell] again in order to play Party Play[Hell].

World Raid Battle

  • World Raid is the battle against Fallen Angel Michael and his legion.


  • Whenever you defeat a monster, you get the Monster Kill Score.

  • Whenever the score exceeds a certain number, the reward increases.


  • Fallen Angel Michael will confront you when you get the third reward score.

  • The boss, Fallen Angel Michael becomes stronger according to the number of monsters that survived each turn.

Legion’s Morale and Rage Level

  • You can get the fourth reward by defeating Fallen Angel Michael.

  • You have to defeat the monster quickly so that they cannot rule out their abilities, Rage Level and Legion’s Morale.


  • Rage Level:
    1) Whenever each turn ends, the surviving monsters get Legion’s Morale and raise the gauge for the Rage Level. If the gauge is fulfilled, the Rage Level rises. The max level is 3.
    2) Fallen Angel Michael becomes stronger by Rage Level. You can check the detailed information about Rage Level by tapping the Rage Level icon.

  • Legion’s Morale:
    The monsters that survive each turn continue to increase their ATK. If a monster survives longer, the monster will be an extremely dangerous one.

World Raid Shop

  • World Raid Shop is placed in the Daisy’s Exchange Shop.

  • New items and Fallen Angel Michael are added. 


  • Items


※ You can claim Fallen Angel Hero: Fallen Angel Michael and Fallen Angel Michael’s memory in only World Raid Shop.


Hero Cantare Team


World Raid Party Play will be open after the next maintenance at 11/09 PST.